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CSI Scavenger Hunt Plans are Underway

Fri, Aug 26, 2016

Our 3rd Scavenger Hunt committee meeting was at Sapphires bar and grille. Our illustrious president Suzan Jordan kept the meeting on track as we reviewed the latest action items and progress on a Critical Path Method (CPM) Gannt chart prepared by Susan Davis. Geoffrey Cavalier’s graphic design for the flyers and t-shirts were applauded, Nancy Robert’s venue choices and prices were reported, Will Dunklin’s scavenger hunt clues were “tested” by the attendees and Gary Bergeron brought samples of the goody/swag bag items received to date.

“Save the date” cards for October 7, 2016 were distributed at our last CSI meeting and the same save the date flyer was sent out to other East Tennessee construction related professional groups such as AIA, IIDA, ACW, AGC, ABC, ASHRAE, East TN Community Design Center and Knox Heritage.

If you woul dlike to learn more about this new adventure that the chapter is embarking upon, contact Will Dunklin, Suzan Jordan, Susan Davis, Geoffrey Cavallier or Nancy Roberts.

CSI Summer Cookout & Fireworks

Sat, Jul 02, 2016

 The CSI members and many friends and family gathered together at the home of newly elected chapter president, Suzan Jordan, for the annual cookout and fireworks display.  Darson and Brandon manned the grill and produced piles of hamburgers, turkey burgers and hotdogs.  Everyone brought delicious nibbles and side dishes to share with all.  Nancy brought homemade orange sherbert which hit the spot on a hot summer day.  Jim Odle brought his new friend from Nigeria who has just made Knoxville their home.  The Crows brought their adorable grandaughter and she loved the lake, as did Jim Odle!  The evening is always climaxed by the fireworks that Suzan's neighbors the Kirk's provide for the neighborhood.  Watch the attached video to see a drone's view of the festivities.  Thank you very much to Suzan and her family for opening their home to the Knoxville CSI.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94UNJuB-Kh8

Stacy Colbaugh, Editor Wins Region Publication Award

Tue, May 10, 2016

Stacy Colbaugh, CSI, CDT has won the 2016 Region Continuing Publication Award for the excellent Knoxville Chapter publication THE SPECK.  Stacy was not able to be present at the awards ceremony at the Region Conference in Pensacola, Florida so she was presented the award today by President Gary Bergeron at the May chapter luncheon.  Stacy has consistently been responsibile for award winning publications since she took over the chair of the Publication committee since "forever".  Stacy modestly accepted the award and said that the publication can only be good if the content is good and she depends upon each member of the chapter to send her articles that can be shared with the design and construction community.  Thank you Stacy for your hard work to help all of us stay informed about upcoming chapter events and great technical information.

The Speck

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