Tue, Sep 04, 2018 Knoxville Chapter Board Meeting - September 2018 read more
Chapter Meetings: The second Tuesday at 11:30 AM at Calhouns on the Tennessee River, 400 Neyland Drive. $20 for guests, free for members and students. We have lunch followed by a continuing education presentation.
Chapter Board Meetings: The first Tuesday at 5:30pm at the offices of Odie and Young Architects, 1545 Western Ave. Suite 100. All members are welcome.
Chapter Dues:
Professional $110
Emerging Professional $110
Retired $0
Student $0


President Jim Odle j.odle.oyarch@comcast.net 865-803-4237
President - Elect Aaron Miller amiller@dia-arch.com 865-243-8453
Vice President Geoffrey Cavalier gcavalie@vols.utk.edu 615-964-1260
Secretary Susan Davis babydavis111603@aol.com 865-271-7998
Treasurer Whitney Kaul whitneykaul@gmail.com 314-719-6112
Past President Suzan Jordan iamswj@yahoo.com 865-389-9476
2016-2018 Leslie Fawaz leslie@communitydc.org 865-748-7705
Samer Shatara sshatara@denark.com 865-388-3661
Donna Covert covertarch@gmail.com 865-310-9276
Members Services
Membership Suzan Jordan iamswj@yahoo.com 865-389-9476
House Suzan Jordan iamswj@yahoo.com 865-389-9476
Education / Programs Jeremy Shipp shipp.arc@gmail.com 423-506-0058
Jim Vineyard jbvineyard@tva.gov 423-240-2481
Student Chapter
President Shubhekshya (Subu) Bhandari sbhanda1@vols.utk.edu 865-312-4728
Vice Pres. Elizabeth Ott eott@vols.utk.edu 931-801-0308
Sec. Briyana Rainer brainer@vols.utk.edu 901-834-6131
Technical Will Dunklin will@williamdunklin.com 865-525-6322
Certification Nancy Roberts nrober10@utk.edu 865-599-1632
Awards Daniel Smith Daniel.smith@odomconstruction.com 865-389-6691
Website Kathy Proctor ksp53@me.com 865-599-7783
Publication Stacy Flick Colbaugh scolbaugh@lewisgroup.net 865-584-5000
Faculty Advisor James Rose jrose18@utk.edu 865-719-0743
Academic Affairs Gary Bergeron gary@kelso-regen.com 865-748-6304
Product Show Josh Brock Joshua.brock@generalshale.com 865-388-1833
John Hockensmith jhockensmith@mhm.com 865-544-2000
Golf Tournament Wes Crow wcrow@meritconstruction.com 865-966-4100
Josh Brock Joshua.brock@generalshale.com 865-388-1833
Chapter Administration
Planning / Historian Kathy Proctor babydavis111603@aol.com 865-271-7998